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Why Shower Water Can Be More Dangerous Than Tap Water

Posted by Arjay Perea on

Filtering the water we drink is a bit of a no-brainer these days; who wants to swallow all those chemicals and pollutants? However, filtering other sources of water like the water we use to make coffee every morning or take showers often gets forgotten. Not to alarm anyone, but not filtering these sources of water could actually be more harmful than drinking unfiltered tap water. 


Fact of the day, bacteria really like wet places. Damp places provide the perfect habitat for them to live and grow, which means our shower heads and coffee makers are like a five-star resort. All the excess moisture that sits in there between showers and coffees is- we're sorry to say- a breeding ground for them and their little cousins, microorganisms.


Along with the already dirty water that comes from our taps, having an unfiltered shower head or old filter in your coffee machine welcomes even more contaminants into your water that can make you sick and, in extreme cases lead to lifelong side effects like pulmonary disease and cancer. We will admit that all of that is a bit extreme. Realistically, how many people do you know who’ve gotten sick from showering or not changing the filter in their coffee machine? Probably none. The real culprit threatening our health is chlorine, and it’s not from the water we’re swallowing.


The thing about chlorine is that it’s a bit too easy for it to turn into vapor. Since our water is full of the stuff, that means every time we shower, the high heat turns the chlorine into a vapor that our lungs breathe in even after we've finished showering. Though the dosage of chlorine is small, longtime exposure to it- i.e. a lifetime of showering- can be seriously harmful to our bodies as it has been shown to trigger the production of cancer-causing free radicals.


On top of that, chlorine is terrible in the short term. It dries out your hair and skin, causing itchy scalp, irritation, and in some cases eczema. Exposure to chlorine is also linked to physical fatigue, feelings of depression and lowered autoimmune function. That means when you take that morning shower to help wake yourself up, you could be making yourself more tired!



As for your coffee maker, the same process happens during brewing. The high heat created by the machine turns the chlorine in the water into vapor that gets trapped in the air and in the steam coming out of your morning latte. 


So how do we get rid of all that nasty chlorine? Put a filter on it. They an inexpensive solution to what research is revealing is a genuine health problem, as they remove waterborne contaminants such as chlorine, lead, and mercury, without removing beneficial minerals and fluorides. It's an easy way to look make sure every cup you drink and shower you take is as fresh and clean as it can be. Not to mention they extend the life of your machine and prevent lime scale buildup on your shower head. They're just an all-around great invention.


That’s why we at Denali Pure are so excited about our new filters and why we took the time to write a whole blog post about them. Our mission has always been to be your source of cleaner water, and now, that means helping you achieve the cleanest, purest cup of coffee and steamy shower possible. Just another step in our pure water revolution.


Until next time,

Stay hydrated.


Written by: Keanna Kahn

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