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Top 10 Reasons To Stay Hydrated This Summer

Posted by Arjay Perea on

Nothing ruins a day of fun quite like dehydration. Not only can it make you tired and grumpy, it can also lead to unpleasant physical side-effects that can leave you feeling downright terrible. With summer in full swing, we've compiled our top ten benefits of staying hydrated to help you make the most out of the holiday and the summer. We think there's a little something in here for everyone.


It’s good for your mood.

Water is a 100% natural way to help regulate our bodies and our brains. It helps balance our mood and uplift our emotions, so if you’re feeling down and irritated, drink some water for a little pick-me-up.


It’s good for your skin.

Drinking water helps improve our skin's elasticity and strengthen its defenses. It is a natural way to rejuvenate and repair damages cells, which makes it the number one treatment for a sunburn after a long, hot weekend spent celebrating in the summer sun.

It’s good for your physical body.

Our most import body parts- from our eyes and brain to our spine and joints- are all protected by water. It surround our vital components to help cushion them against harm, so when we don’t drink enough water, this liquid cushion can shrink and cause us to have aching joints and bones, and make our eyes feels dry and irritated.

It’s good for your digestion.

Now that it's summer, barbecues and picnics are officially back on the table. Unfortunately that also means unpleasant (and sometimes embarrassing) digestion problems are back in the game. Before you go reaching for that neon pink bottle, trying a nice clean glass of water. It’ll help settle your stomach, aid your digestion, and help clear out your system, without that horrible bismuth taste.






It’s good for your immune system.

We've all heard that vitamin C is the key to a healthy immune system, but one of water’s most important benefits is its ability to flush toxins and bugs out of our system. With longer days and nicer weather, our exposure to new germs in the summer actually increases our chances of getting sick. By drinking lots of water, you can help protect yourself from any unwanted illnesses so you never have to miss an adventure. 

    It can help with allergies.

    Histamines are something the body produces naturally as an immune response to foreign pathogens. They're like our own personal army fighting off unwanted invaders. When you’re dehydrated, your body actually produces more histamines than normal because there isn't enough water to flush out the pathogens, making your body think you need more defense. In short, it makes allergies and allergy symptoms like runny nose, itchy and/or sore throat and eyes, flare up. Staying hydrated could be the key to enjoying the outdoors without having to take allergy medication.

    It gives you energy.

    Water is truly our life-force. It helps our cells get everything done so that we can sleep well, and it helps regulate oxygen levels throughout our different bodily systems, giving us the energy we need to not just get through our day, buy feel present and alive whilst doing it. We all deserve to get the most out of each and every day, and water is an easy way to help us do that.

    It’s cools you down.

    Fun fact, sweating on a hot day is your body's way of cooling you down. The evaporation of the sweat helps regulate body temperature, so drinking extra water on a hot day will make sure your body is hydrated enough to keep sweating. Sounds gross, but trust us, it’s doing you a favor.

    It's good for your insides.

    Adequate water intake helps protect your internal body by filtering out toxins and regulating kidney & liver function. It can help prevent kidney infection and kidney stones and keep your liver on track for those days when you let yourself indulge. Though it's not a reset button, it gives us a bit of freedom to treat ourselves in moderation. A full life is about finding the balance, and water is a vital aspect of this equilibrium.

    It’s great for a hangover.

    Now we’re not saying that any of us will or will not be responsibly consuming alcohol this summer. We’re just saying that if anyone were to partake, drinking water will help prevent or lessen any hangover symptoms that may occur. And don’t worry, it has the same effect if you already have a hangover. Prevention and treatment is all about hydration, and water has your back on this one.


    At Denali Pure, we believe that water is truly a great wonder of our world. We can't survive without it, and the benefits of adequate consumption can have a profound impact on our life. Unfortunately, not all water is created equal, so going into the summer months, make sure you're giving your body the safest, cleanest, purest water possible. It's the season for long days and fun nights, so treat yourself to fresh, great-tasting water so that you can make every day count.


    From all of us to you,
    Have a great summer and Stay Hydrated


    Written By: Keanna Kahn

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